From Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Seth Moore began playing shows in the mid aughts after graduating from MTSU's recording program.  Since then, he has released two full-length albums and performed his idiosyncratic blend of folk, rock, and soul in twenty-three states.  Moore identifies with the House Pride collective, whose roster at one time included New Madrid, Henry Daggs, Children of Spy, and MR NASTI.


Sometimes quirky, sometimes serious, sometimes sad and sometimes funny, Seth Moore's songs range from a karaoke-drenched ode to '80s honky-tonk to clever folk gems with lines you wish you had written. No matter how serious the subject matter might have been when committed to tape, Moore playfully disarms the listener with unexpected lines like "Don't make your mother cry / Don't crap a little turd." RIYL: Daniel Johnston, Beck, Jonathan Richman

-Matt Sullivan, The Scene

One day, when the world has run out of obscure soul 45s and foreign soundtrack LPs to reissue, some enterprising youngster is going to make a fortune digging up old CD-Rs of turn-of-the-century Murfreesboro indie bands. And if that hypothetical youngster in the maybe-distant future is really lucky, he’ll stumble on the quirky, catchy classics of Seth Moore. Moore was one of the smartest and silliest to play the post-Red Rose house-show circuit, but never made a move up to the big city with the rest of his class. Tonight Nashville gets a rare chance to see what they missed out on as Moore brings his Jojo Richman-reminiscent rock stylings to Lebanon Pike’s best hippie sandwich shop, Phat Bites. Moore is joined by Iowa’s Mr. Nasti, local electronic rockers Chalaxy and avant-weirdos Toxic Teeth. 

-Sean L. Maloney, The Scene